Guide for Planning soccer trips in Europe

Guide for Planning soccer trips in Europe

February 16, 2016 Off By David

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Since I started writing about soccer trips and adventures football live watching in Europe, I have been receiving tens of hundreds of emails every other day from punters from across the world. Most of them are planning to travel across Europe with their families, relatives, and friends to watch several soccer matches, and they are asking for my guide on how to have a successful football trip.

Well, after a careful thought about their concern, I have decided to compile a blog on the same. Typically, planning a trip to watch football in European nations (such as England, France, Germany, and much more) is something that I have experience with; I have seen over twenty games at over twenty different stadiums. Therefore, if I share my experience here, it would be of great importance, and it is my pleasure that it will be a helpful guide in planning your European soccer adventure.

#1. When are you going?

Just like any other conventional trip, soccer trip is all about having a proper time plan. Indeed, you cannot wake in the morning and say that I am traveling to Emirates Stadium to watch Arsenal Vs Manchester City on Wednesday. No, you must have the master schedule of all the cups and leagues at your fingertips. So, if you know what is happening in the coming weekend, then you can start planning when you are going to go. Remember, you need to be city hosting the match at least one day before so that you can purchase the ticket. Otherwise, you buy them online.




#2. Who is playing?

In Europe, there is no doubt that you will have several choices of games in the area you will be. When planning for a soccer trip, unless there is a particular team you are dying to see and watch in the stadium, it is more probable that you are looking for the most exciting and interesting game. I always recommend you choose the coolest stadium, the most interesting game (such as derby and top league teams), and the best football atmosphere.

#3: Getting Game Tickets

As mentioned earlier, it is important to obtain your tickets as earlier as possible. I have realized that in many derby games, tickets are sold out within the shortest time possible. It is quite frustrating to travel from far and miss out a match only because you did not secure the entrance tickets. The good news is that most leagues in Europe allow fans to acquire advance tickets right from the club’s websites.

#4: Before and after the football game

Unless you are an angel, you will want something to drink and eat before and after the match. For this, I recommend you go online and search for hotels and pubs close to the stadium of interest. A thing that is worth considering is which facilities are for the away fans, and which are for the home fans (in most cases, they are kept separate for security reasons).

You might also consider taking a stadium tour. In fact, almost every club in Europe offers stadium tour amenity, but not on match days. Therefore, it is good to visit the stadium the day before the actual game. I hope this blog post has been of great help, especially to those die-hard football fans planning to travel across Europe watching soccer matches played in fully packed stadiums. I wish you all the best as you plan your football adventure trip.


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