The best football player in history

The best football player in history

April 7, 2021 0 By David

Patrick Mahomes – The White House

Mahomes threw 8,458 yards in his career at Whitehouse High School and has been an American parade in football as a parent – the year he was also named an area for basketball and all baseball areas.

Mahomes won the Sammy Baugh Award as a parent at Texas Tech and is already on track to become one of the greatest defenders in NFL history. .

As long as Mahomes continues on his current path, it is safe to assume that he has no problem compiling this list for many years.

Kyler Murray: Allen

Murray has no NFL awards, meaning Mahomes is likely to jump him on that list along the way, but his historic career at Allen High School keeps him among the top five so far.

Murray is one of the most successful defenders in high school football history, leading Allen to a 42-0 record in the early three years. He was also part of Allen’s 43 players and won MaxPreps as the national player of the year as a parent.

After the Texas A&M game, Murray moved to Oklahoma, where he won the Heisman Trophy in 2018 and left the Cardinals Board in first place in the NFL Draft for 2019. Murray received the award. and had begun in Arizona doing the period after 2020 before breaking down the rest of the season.

Y.A. Tittle: Marshall

Tittle played midfield in a single-wing attack at Marshall High School, but took care of his overtaking duties when he was called in and struck 14 hands in an older all-state season.

After a couple of all-SEC seasons at LSU, Tittle continued to play in the NFL for 17 seasons and retired as the leading passer all time with 33,070 yards. Layne took Highland Park back to the state championships during her high school career and twice won first-team awards in all states, just ahead of second-placed Tittle.

Layne was an American at the University of Texas and built a celebrity career in the NFL with seven all-pro caps and three NFL championships. Before Davey O’Brien was introduced to TCU, Sammy Baugh was at the center of horny frogs after a high school career with awards. Baugh led Sweetwater High School to a 15-4 record and two district titles in the last two seasons. Baugh is widely regarded as the first major quarterback in football to retire in 1952 as the NFL’s leading passer of all time.

Drew Brees: Austin Westlake

Brees led Austin Westlake to a 28-0-1 record in two years as a starting player and as a state championship parent. He ended his career at 5464 overtaking the shipyard and received the USA Today All-American badge as a parent.

Brees won the ten most offensive players of the year in Purdue and played with the Chargers and Saints in the NFL, leading New Orleans to the 2009 Super Bowl title, where he won Super Bowl MVP awards. He led the NFL seven times by winning 13 Pro Bowl rounds and recently retired as the league’s all-time passer at 80,358 yards.