The best football players from one of the Ozarks

The best football players from one of the Ozarks

April 7, 2021 0 By David

David Arkin

This guy was an offensive animal in the state of Missouri. He started in 44 straight fights in the right and left fights of his college career, winning 4 all-MVC awards. He has also been an unstoppable force in the classroom and has also earned academic awards every four years. Arkin has gained a reputation for “trying to destroy his opponents’ desire to compete, according to ESPN’s profile profile in 2011. The Dallas Cowboys selected Arkin in the fourth round before 2012, when he finished second. He jumped back a bit and played on five NFL teams. He’s currently a free agent.


Football did not really lack Harbor after high school, despite setting a record as a receiver with his alma mater. He was looking for basketball support when his brother Cory, who was on the Bears list, persuaded the coaches to give him a chance. The coaches liked what they saw and invested. It was a very good effort. In his sophomore year, he was named the Bears’ Offensive Player of the Year, setting a school record for receiving facilities and farms in a season. Harbor continued to receive U.S. recognition for the past three school years. He worked his way up to the All-American First Team as a senior. He now has an overview of most receptions in the school’s history and is third in court. Harbor was invited to the prestigious NFL Draft and had an amazing performance, ranking among the top five in three major groups. The Philadelphia Eagles selected him in the fourth round and played in the city for three seasons. With the help of the Eagles, he received 47 grants and four touchdowns over the course of three years, but was released in 2013. He had a great role in the Jacksonville Jaguars for a few years after that and came through three more teams over the next few years. . .

Jason whittle

Jason Whittle of Springfield was the star of Camdenton in the early 90s. He continued his football career in southwest Missouri and dominated the field and beyond. He has been three times fully academic at the Gateway Conference (now the Missouri Valley Conference). He was known for his toughness as a tackle and was noticed by NFL scouts. The New York Giants signed him as an anonymous free agent in 1998. His career lasted for 11 years and saw him play in 137 games. He was part of the giant team from 2000 that won the NFC Championship.

Cole Dylan

All local sports enthusiasts know the name Dylan Cole. A former Missouri state defender is now playing professional ball for the Houston Texans. Cole in particular got his pass in his first game and put it in touch again. The great thing at the time was that Cole was a freelancer replacing the injured starter. His courage and determination were crucial factors in his career. There is no harm in being one of the strongest players on the field when he fits.